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The new kid on the big block

Prokid is our first Artist of the Week, therefore we will take a ruff look at this cat. He is probably the current touch bearer of hip hop. Given his age he is doing a good job of it.

Being produced by Cleo this cat has the backing of an industry heavyweight

A friend of mine told me about Pro but I thought yeah right this is probably one of these one hit wonders, so I decided I ain't wasting my hard earned cash on a wannabe hip hop artist.

Then it happened... I was on a taxi when I heard it. This was the first single "Wozobona" from Pro, I was impressed. First thing I did was go to a music shop to listen to the albumn called "Heads and Tales", as I thought maybe this is one of those albumn with only one good song. I found myself listening to the cd three times, I guess I was converted. I bought the disc...

Prokid brings into the game a very different style which the local hip hop scene has been missing. He is so-called commercial but there is this ruff edge about him, this is well illistrated by the song "Ungaphele Umoya Son", which is quite consciece and encourages, he does a good job of silencing the critics (I'm one of them) who feel that hip hop has been commercialised in such a way that it is self destructing slowly.

This artist also shows his great rhyming skills on his debut albumn, which I think makes him one of the best I've heard in Mzantsi. Come to think of it, there was this head Shorty Skillz, whatever happened to him???. Prokid has been so successful that he has even tapped into the Pantsula, kwaito crowd. Even a white collegue of mine started hyping about him.

The hardest thing for any artist is to come up with a follow up albumn, I think he will make the grade and continue to make an impact on the local hip hop scene. He has the great backing of Cleo and I think his sales could also make his recording studio to put more effort on his next albumn. Prokid is quite talented and listening to his music he seems to be passionate about what he does. We think this is one to watch... By Mao